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Our Expertise

If you have flown in a new Gulfstream, managed to have driven a Tesla, grilled out before an SEC game, or put up drywall, chances are high that you have used several products that our machines helped to make.

We specialize in the design – mechanical and electrical – and fabrication of turn-key automated systems, as well as providing controls services to all areas within the industrial automation industry.

Strategy & Organization

Industrial Design and Fabrication has been serving companies around the globe since 1988 and we pride ourselves on building robust machines that are easy to maintain and get the job done. In our almost 30 year history, we have maintained a dedication to that simple credo. Most companies will say that they stand for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, but we actually have the track record to back it up.

Process Automation

Automation is our bread and butter, and we have been providing this service to the industry since our company’s inception. Whether we are creating automated machining centers or a machine to facilitate O-ring insertion, our company has the experience and skills necessary to bring any idea you can think up into the plane of existence, and then provide unrivaled customer support for the whole lifetime of the system.

Turn-Key Systems

From systems that take up thousands of square feet, to systems that can fit in the back of a pick-up truck, we offer full mechanical and electrical design, and all of our fabrication is in house. Our environment encourages collaboration between fabricators and engineers, resulting in a better machine that is more easily maintained.

Mechanical Design

Using the most up to date modeling software, we have the ability to offer drafting, engineering, and simulation services. Our Engineering staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, boasting thousands of machines designed and built. We pride ourselves on building robust machines that are easy to maintain and get the job done.

At IDF, we like to pride ourselves on successfully designing and implementing systems that other companies and universities have tried and failed at. No project is too big, and no process too ambitious.


Electrical Design

Our electrical design encompasses a wide array of services. We offer all levels of automated controls systems including PLC & PC based controls platforms, Cartesian, SCARA & articulate arm robotics, SCADA & HMI, electrical design & layout, and even the ability to fabricate control panels. Our skilled team has run hundreds of miles of cable and has combined experience of over 70 years in the industry.

Fabrication Services

With over 200 years of combined experience on our shop floor, encompassing experience in industries such as aerospace, tool and die, and even mold making, our machine shop has tackled every ambitious project that we have ever dreamed up. In our shop, we have multiple CNC machining centers, a CNC boring mill, conventional mills and lathes, and a 20 ton bridge crane for large parts and frames. We also have a separate 6,000 square foot weld shop with a 10 ton crane.

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